Recycling-It's the Law

Recycling is mandated by law in New York State.  Municipalities are required to enact local recycling laws under General Municipal Law 120-aa. It mandates that all municipalities in the state adopt a local law or ordinance, no later than September 1, 1992 requiring that solid waste be separated into recyclable, reusable or other components. Click on the link below to view the law.

NYS Recycling Mandate

The Development Authority of the North Country (Authority) Solid Waste Planning Unit is comprised of the Authority and Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties. The majority of solid waste is disposed of at the Authority's landfill in Rodman, NY. Each county owns and operates transfer stations that accept solid waste and recyclables from residents, businesses and waste haulers. Recycling is managed at the County level. Below is a copy of each of the County's Local Solid Waste and Recycling Laws. Recyclable materials are required to be separated from other solid waste.

Click on the documents below to read the local county laws

St Lawrence Co Local Law 2 of 1997.pdf449.45 KB
Jefferson Co Local Law No. 1 of 2014.pdf5.45 MB
Lewis Co Law 3 of 2015.pdf527.28 KB

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Three County Recycling List:
This list identifies items accepted by transfer stations in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties.

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