Textile (Clothing) Recycling Available at Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence County Transfer Stations

You are now able to bring unwanted textiles for reuse and/or recycling when you visit the Jefferson County Solid Waste and Recycling Center in Watertown, the Lewis County Transfer Stations in Lowville and Croghan or the St. Lawrence County Transfer Stations in Gouverneur, Ogdensburg, Massena and Star Lake.  Additionally, the Fort Drum Military Installation and the Towns of Adams, Champion, Clayton, Henderson, Rodman and Wilna Transfer Stations accept textiles as well. According to the EPA, 85% of clothing in the U.S. is thrown away instead of donated.  There is a global need for used clothing and other textiles.  In Jefferson and Lewis Counties, St. Pauly Textile has placed a clothing shed at the transfer stations for residents to drop off their unwanted textiles, rather than discarding them in the trash.  In St. Lawrnece County, the textile collection containers are being serviced by the St. Lawrence NYSARC. Acceptable items include clothing, shoes, sneakers, outerwear, underwear, belts, purses, linens, pillow cases, blankets and curtains. Items may have a stain, tear, broken zipper or be worn, as long as they are clean, dry and odorless.  Items should in clear plastic bags and tied off to prevent them from falling out.  The bags can be placed in the shed or container that is onsite.  Below is a St. Pauly Textile shed located at one of the transfer stations.


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Three County Recycling List:
This list identifies items accepted by transfer stations in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties.

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