Clear Trash Bags Required in Lewis County

Effective April 15, 2016 residents and businesses in Lewis County will be required to place their trash in clear garbage bags. Retail stores have been notified of the requirement and should start stocking the clear bags.  If you have difficulty finding clear bags, the Lewis County Solid Waste Department will have them for sale at their transfer station.  You may call (315)376-5101 for information.  Recyclables should NOT be placed in any bags.  Recyclable materials should be placed loose in a container or bin for your hauler to pick up.  When the recyclables are received at the recycling center, they are sorted by the type of material through an automated process.  This requires that the recyclables be loose and not contained in a bag.  Plastic bags should never be placed in your recycle bin.  They cause damage to the equipment when they become entwined in the gears of the machines.

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