Clear Bag Initiative-Where Can I Buy Them?

Local waste haulers and municipalities have joined together to ask residents and businesses to voluntarily use clear bags for trash.  Statistics show that the use of clear bags for trash increases recycling participation.  Some communities require the use of clear bags.  For those that don't, haulers and disposal facilities are asking customers to voluntarily use them to assist with the region's recycling and waste diversion initiatives.  Letters have been sent to retailers in the region asking their cooperation in stocking clear bags in various sizes.  Stores that carry clear bags are asked to notify the regional recycling coordinator so that their establishment can be listed as a place to buy clear bags.  Click on the attachment at the bottom of the page for a list of participating retailers

Clear bag display

Click the attachment below for a list of participating retailers

Participating retailers as of 6-9-16.pdf13.5 KB

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